About Me

Hi! My name is James and I’m a storytelling urban sketch artist!

Thank you for visiting my site!

I have always had a passion for beautiful, unique, and even strange homes and buildings. That’s why my passion is sketching buildings, mostly throughout Québec. I also like to sketch buildings from places I’ve visited! Any chance I get to visit a building and tour the inside, I take. I like to listen to the stories that these buildings have deep within them. Every building has a story, one just has to look and listen! Most of my sketches come with a story behind them, or historic information, which you can find in the blog section of this site. Sometimes, it’s my own story of what a building means to me!


 Now, a little bit about me…

I immigrated to Canada from Gibraltar, Europe, with my family. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located between Spain and Morocco in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a population mostly made up of Gibraltarian, English, Spanish, Maltese, Italian, Portuguese and Moroccan people. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, a prairie city in central Canada rich in beautiful and diverse culture. It is dubbed “Chicago of the North” due to the architectural designs of the old buildings. In Winnipeg, I owned a music store where I sold instruments, provided music lessons and more. I still enjoy playing my saxophone, percussion instruments and bass guitar!

Now, I live in a tiny village in Québec, Eastern Canada, in the Chaudière-Appalaches region. I am the only Anglophone in the village! Every day, I am blessed to be able to see the Appalachian Mountains to the south and the Laurentian Mountains to the North! My village is near Lévis, across the Saint Lawrence River/Seaway from beautiful Vieux (Old) Québec City. It’s an amazing and unique place with tons of history! Being about 400 years old, it’s basically a “little Europe” within Canada!

Having lived in these three unique and amazing places, I speak English, Spanish and French. I attribute the influences on my artistry to the diversity I’ve experienced throughout my life from these places and having travelled to many places throughout North America and some parts of Europe. 

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